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Welcome to GSMK, LLC a premier partner for tax, accounting and consulting services serving individuals and businesses in New York City. Working with our highly experienced team of CPAs and accounting professionals, you will benefit from our attentive and convenient service, customized solutions and our commitment to ensuring that every client has the accurate information and guidance they need to achieve their goals.

The dedication we have to meeting the individual needs of each client goes beyond tax preparation, professional accounting services and business consulting. Clients of our firm have peace of mind knowing that our CPAs, tax professionals and accountants are continually monitoring the ever-changing tax laws and financial trends on their behalf, ensuring that all reporting is compliant and that new economic developments are assessed as part of planning and consulting engagements.

What truly sets our firm apart is the higher level of financial expertise, service and discretion that we provide to each client. We believe the greatest testament of our firm is the strength of the relationships that we build with our clients and the success that we help them achieve. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with the accurate financial information you need to make sound decisions to better your current and future financial position today—and tomorrow.


Please note that we are no longer accepting new clients. We will not be available for phone calls with non-current clients. We reserve the right to cancel any appointments at our discretion.